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The Path

World's largest underground sale takes place along a 30-km PATH winding under Toronto


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Underground life is a real thing for Torontonians. All of Downtown is connected to the Path (PATH) system. This 18-mile (30-km) subterranean maze features 1,200 shopping malls, restaurants, cinemas, offices, and other services. The Path is a city itself, and it's growing wider each year. The first tunnels appeared in Toronto In 1900 when the Eaton's department store built a tunnel underneath James Street. In modern times, the Path covers 4,000,000 sq ft (71,600 sq m) of space.

Toronto residents can walk to work through these underground walkways, do their banking, visit doctors, and do any business without going up to the surface. About 200,000 people use the PATH system daily. Such a lengthy network might appear confusing for orientation if not for special indicators. In fact, even the letters in the name "PATH" help pedestrians find their way. Red "P" points south, orange "A" west, blue "T" north, and finally yellow "H" east.

Every year, Toronto's underground system has a season of sidewalk sales. This is the best time to explore the Path, especially if you are one of those unsparing shopaholics. The Path's annual July sale is considered to be the largest underground sale in the whole world.

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