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CN Tower Edge Walk

How do you feel about heights? What about a free-hand walk on the edge of one of the world's highest buildings?


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This iconic monument of Toronto invites thrill-seekers to challenge one's guts with world's highest full-circle and free-hand walk. The roof of the tower is located around 460 m above the ground, and the breathtaking walk is available at a height of around 360 m. Maybe the numbers don't sound that scary, but when you climb there, and venture to the edges, you will see it's really high... Once Canada's National Tower used to be world's tallest building, now it has descended to number 7, but it remains the highest structure in Toronto, and Canada. CN Tower's edgewalking emerged as a form of entertainment only in 2011. The walks are available for groups from 6 to 8 individuals. The season runs from May to October.

CN Tower Edge Walk in Toronto - Best Season 2020

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