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Faulhorn-Grindelwald​ Toboggan in Switzerland 2024-2025

If you enjoy sledding, try the longest toboggan run in Europe

Best time: December–March

Faulhorn-Grindelwald​ Toboggan
Faulhorn-Grindelwald​ Toboggan

If you enjoy winter and speed, you must try the descent from the Faulhorn via Bussalp to Grindelwald. The 15-kilometer length with an altitude drop of 1,600 meters makes this ride ​special. You can enjoy views of some of the greatest Swiss mountain​s as well.

Practical info

When can tourists sled at Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run?

Tourists can enjoy sledding at Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run during the winter season that usually falls between December to March. Although the weather and amount of snowfall can vary, generally, these months are suitable for the activity. However, it's essential to keep an eye on avalanche warnings due to the terrain. Show more

From where can tourists begin their sledding journey?

To begin their sledding journey, tourists need to reach the Faulhorn summit, which they can access by taking a cable car ride from Grindelwald and then hiking a short distance to reach the starting point. As weather and visibility conditions can affect the availability of the activity, it's important to keep some waiting time if needed, or reschedule accordingly. Show more

What is the slope difficulty level at Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run?

The Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run covers a distance of 15 km and has an altitude drop of 1,600 meters, making it a challenging route and a thrilling experience. The final slide down in Grindelwald includes some smaller slopes, and the track is illuminated for visibility. The riders must be in good health, physically fit, and comfortable handling a sled at high speeds. Show more

What safety precautions a tourist should take before going on a sled ride?

Before heading on a sled ride down Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run, one should take essential safety measures. Wear warm clothes to protect from the cold, use helmets to prevent injuries, carry a flashlight for better visibility, and maintain a safe distance from other sled riders. Always listen to the instructions given by the authorities and avoid overcrowding. Show more

What other winter activities can tourists enjoy near Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run?

Apart from sled riding, tourists can indulge in exciting winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, and snowshoeing, among others, near Faulhorn-Grindelwald toboggan run. The village of Grindelwald offers plenty of amenities, including shopping, dining, and ice-skating rinks. Additionally, families can explore the Glacier Canyon Adventure Park with its fantastic rides and attractions suitable for all age groups. Show more

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