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Snow Tubing in New Zealand

Similar to coming down the water slides in aquapark, only better, because this time you slide on snow instead of water

Best time: late June–August

Snow Tubing
Snow Tubing
Snow Tubing

If you are keen on water slides, you will definitely love New Zealand's snow slides. And even if you do not attend aqua parks, snow tubing promises a great fun for both kids and adults. There are several places in New Zealand which offer an unusual experience of snow tubing, mainly Tekapo Springs and the Ozone Tubing Park at the Remarkables located near legendary Queenstown. All the necessary equipment is provided, including rings and helmets. The areas are suitable for the activity only during late June through August.

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What is snow tubing and how is it different from water slides?

If you're looking for an exciting winter activity, snow tubing is definitely worth a try. Riding an inflatable tube down a snow-covered slope is a thrilling experience, very similar to coming down a water slide - only on snow. The best part? It's a fairly safe activity, easy to get the hang of, and doesn't require too much physical exertion. Compared to water slides, snow tubing may be a bit slower and chillier, but there’s something very special about sliding down snow that can’t compare to sliding on water. Show more

Where can I go snow tubing in New Zealand?

New Zealand offers exciting snow tubing experiences in various locations, including Tekapo Springs and Ozone Tubing Park at the Remarkables. Tekapo Springs provides a range of snow tubing facilities suitable for beginners through to the more advanced tubers. The Remarkables provides adventurous tubes rides, alongside other activities such as skiing and snowboarding. It is best to check the websites of each park for their specific details and availability during your visit to New Zealand. Show more

When is the best time to go snow tubing in New Zealand?

Snow tubing in New Zealand is ideal from late June through August when the country's Southern Alps are generally blanketed in snow, and weather conditions are suitable for a range of snow-based activities. Adventurers seeking snow tubing experiences should check local weather conditions before heading to snow tubing parks to ensure the activities are open and appropriate to enjoy. For a snow-filled adventure, late June through August is the best time to go snow tubing in New Zealand. Show more

Can kids participate in snow tubing, or is it only for adults?

Snow tubing is an activity suitable for both adults and children. As a family-friendly activity, snow tubing parks cater to all ages, with inflatable tubes for younger children. Parents and guardians should ensure children understand safety guidelines and are supervised throughout their snow tubing experience to prevent any accidents from occurring. Parks may have age or height restrictions, require adult supervision, or have other specific booking requirements; it is recommended to confirm these with the park before booking. Show more

Is equipment like rings and helmets provided at snow tubing parks, or do I need to bring my own?

When book snow tubing in New Zealand, most parks provide essential equipment like helmets and inner tubes, while others may require participants to bring waterproof clothing and their own boots. Safety helmets can help prevent head and neck injuries and are strongly recommended. Some parks may also provide snow boots for hire. It is best to check with snow tubing parks in advance to learn about any necessary preparatory requirements, including what to wear or bring and what equipment is supplied or available to rent to avoid any disappointed expectations or surprise costs. Show more

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