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Cliff Jumping in Mallorca

Overcome your fear of heights and try a free fall jump

Best time: April–October

Cliff Jumping
Cliff Jumping

Do you remember how scary it was to jump off the tree in the backyard when you were a kid? If you want to feel that again, try cliff jumping. Almost every hill along the coast in Majorca is great for this activity. Cliff jumping is generally performed from heights between 3 and 12 meters as long as the water below is deep enough. It is an especially popular activity among local kids. Their cheerful yelling can be heard from every suitable hill.

For those who want to try cliff jumping for the first time, it is highly recommended to find a trainer or guide. It may look easy, but only the right technique of jumping and plunging provides no injuries and real satisfaction. Popular places for this activity include Soller and Cala d'Or. The best time is between April and October.

In case you are planning to try out some cliff jumping on the Balearic Islands in winter months, you can opt for Christmas cliff jumping adventure on Ibiza.

Practical info

When is the best time to go cliff jumping in Mallorca?

The ideal season for cliff jumping in Mallorca is between April and October when the weather is conducive for outdoor activities, and the water temperature is warm enough to swim. The water levels are high during these months, which makes cliff jumping safe and straightforward. It's advisable to plan your jump during daylight hours to ensure visibility and better navigation. Show more

Where are the best locations for cliff jumping in Mallorca?

Mallorca has several coastal hills that provide excellent cliff jumping spots. Popular locations include Cala d'Or and Soller, while other areas have high cliffs with deep water around the island. It's best to engage with a local guide or trainer to optimize your experience since they offer safety guidance and help identify the best spots for cliff jumping. Show more

Is it safe to try cliff jumping without a guide?

Jumping cliffs in Mallorca without a guide is hazardous, and it's not advisable, especially if you're a novice. Engaging a guide is prudent since they have local knowledge of the safest locations with minimal hazards and obstacles. Understanding water depth, tide, and weather conditions is equally important. For safety reasons, it's advisable to have a local guide with antecedents of excellent safety records. Show more

What is the highest point one can jump from in Mallorca?

The height of cliffs for cliff jumping varies significantly in Mallorca, ranging from 3 meters to over 12 meters. For optimal experience, it's best to start with low heights and progressively work your way up. It's vital to learn proper jumping techniques from an expert to minimize the risk of injury, especially when jumping from greater heights, which has a higher risk of injury. However, the best approach is to opt for a lower cliff before progressing to higher ones. Show more

Are there any age restrictions to try cliff jumping in Mallorca?

Cliff jumping in Mallorca is open to participants of all ages. A child below 18 years of age is strongly recommended to jump with adult supervision. Fitness, strength and swimming ability are crucial prerequisites for cliff jumping, and it's advisable to consult a doctor before attempting it. Safety gear such as a life vest, helmet, and appropriate footwear are imperative for safety purposes when jumping from cliffs. Show more

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