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Cliff Jumping

Overcome your fear of heights and try a free fall jump


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Do you remember how scary it was to jump off the tree in the backyard when you were a kid? If you want to feel that again, try cliff jumping. Almost every hill along the coast in Majorca is great for this activity. Cliff jumping is generally performed from heights between 3 and 12 meters as long as the water below is deep enough. It is an especially popular activity among local kids. Their cheerful yelling can be heard from every suitable hill.

For those who want to try cliff jumping for the first time, it is highly recommended to find a trainer or guide. It may look easy, but only the right technique of jumping and plunging provides no injuries and real satisfaction. Popular places for this activity include Soller and Cala d'Or. The best time is between April and October.

In case you are planning to try out some cliff jumping on the Balearic Islands in winter months, you can opt for Christmas cliff jumping adventure on Ibiza.

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