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Valle de la Luna in Bolivia

Check out the unique beautiful shapes and colours of Bolivia's Moon Valley

Best time: June–September

Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna
Valle de la Luna

Once this was a range of mountains consisting primarily of clay, and in the course of time pouring rains shaped these clay formations into beautiful massive and thin spires and likewise deep narrow gorges. The area is somewhat reminiscent of the Moon surface and is accordingly named Valle de la Luna. The clay spires are mainly beige in colour and light brown, though reddish ones also occur, and sometimes crimson is intensified to dark violet. The multicoloured valley lies 10 km from the downtown of La Paz, and the best time to visit the natural attraction is during the dry winter from June to September, when clear blue skies beautifully contrast with the spires' hues.​

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What is Valle de la Luna?

Valle de la Luna, located in Bolivia, is a natural attraction that was formed from a range of clay mountains. Its features include massive, thin spires, deep narrow gorges, and various colors such as beige, brownish, reddish, and violet. The valley has a resemblance to the surface of the moon due to its unique shaping and surrounding Andes mountains. Show more

Where is Valle de la Luna located?

Valle de la Luna is found in Bolivia, nearly ten kilometers from La Paz's city center. To reach the attraction, tourists can opt to take either a taxi or bus, and the whole journey is quite convenient. The city stands out, situated in West Bolivia, where it surrounds the Andes mountains and serves as the highest administrative capital, with an altitude of about 3,650 meters. Show more

What are the unique features of Valle de la Luna?

Valle de la Luna's unique features are massive, thin spires, deep and narrow gorges, multicolored hues, and beautiful surrounding Andes mountains. Arising from the previously clay mountains, these features have a similar resemblance to a copy of the moon's surface. Moreover, tourists have an impressive view of the attraction from above the Andes mountains. Show more

When is the best time to visit Valle de la Luna?

For a great Valle de la Luna experience, it's advisable to travel between June and September when it is the dry winter season. The months provide a clear atmosphere for beautiful colors contrast, and cooler temperatures of 10°C to 20°C. However, due to the high altitude, this temperature might differ; thus, it's vital to bring warm clothing for extra comfort. Show more

What is the distance between La Paz and Valle de la Luna?

Valle de la Luna is located about 10 kilometers from La Paz's downtown, which is the capital city of Bolivia. Reaching the attraction is quite convenient, and tourists can choose either to take a taxi or bus. Additionally, the city is at an altitude of approximately 3,650 meters has its unique distinction as the highest administrative capital, surrounded by the Andes Mountains in western Bolivia. Show more

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