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Pictured Rocks Winter Hike

Winter has its special power to create majestic landscapes. And the area of Pictured Rocks in Michigan during winter period turns into a real ice and snow masterpiece


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Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is located on the shores of Lake Superior in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. It covers the area of 296 sq km and its shoreline is 67 km long. The park features amazing scenery, which is created by various rock formations, natural archways, waterfalls, and sand dunes.

Colorful sandstone cliffs up to 60 m high stretch along 24 km of the lakeshore. This picturesque spot is an attractive sight during summer and autumn. But when winter comes, this place turns into a true wonderland. This is the most spectacular time to visit the park. The scenery completely changes.

The shores of the lake and cliffs that are usually washed by the waves during winter look like ice fantasy architecture. Various waterfalls are turned into famous ice climbing sites. The water that flows down from the cliffs gets blown back with a strong wind and freezes creating spectacular ice caves and castles.

The lake is covered by small pieces of ice, like pancakes, floating around. Some of the most picturesque spots are Spray Falls, Chapel Beach, Lover’s Leap and Mosquito Beach. During winter you can have a beautiful snowshoeing walk and marvel all these ice formations and ice caves. You may also enjoy cross-country skiing or snowmobiling in the area. One more winter activity in the area is ice-climbing. Some of the best climbing sites can be found between Munising Falls and Sand Point.

For years, Pictured Rocks has been home to the Michigan Ice Fest, usually held in February. Winter camping is also possible, but you need to check the weather and allowed places before you go. But whatever you choose, snowshoeing or staying for a night camping, you should always remember that winter is a time when you have to be completely prepared for everything. Your mobile won’t work in the area; let everyone know where you are. Warm closes and spare food and liquid will be just right. Don’t forget about the compass and a map.

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