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White Cliffs of Møns Klint

Perhaps the most beautiful beach and most interesting geological sight in the whole country

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Møns Klint is a very interesting geological structure that formed back in ancient times when the glaciers were moving to the West leaving billions of shells of tiny sea creatures to turn into chalk. The cliffs are very old, no wonder some of Denmark's oldest and most interesting fossils were found here. One of Europe's best science centres is located here. If you visit it, you'll learn more about Earth's history and the fossils.

The unique environment of the cliffs also lets some very unusual and rare plants to grow here. On the top of the cliffs, you'll also see a really old forest. A wooden boardwalk will lead you through it to the edge of Møns Klint, which is also framed by a boardwalk. After a steep staircase, you'll find yourself on a narrow beach with majestic white cliffs towering over the turquoise sea. Take your time to enjoy a hike along the shore and pay attention, maybe you'll be lucky to find some interesting fossils as well.

It is a very beautiful site but can be rather rough with strong winds and waves crashing in, so it might be a good idea to go there during the warmer months.

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