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Port Huron Float Down 2023

Summer water fun event in Michigan

Dates: August 20, 2023

Port Huron Float Down
Port Huron Float Down
Port Huron Float Down

Port Huron Float Down takes place on the third Sunday in August in Port Huron, Michigan. The favorite free activity has been an established tradition since 1977. The float down starts at around 1 pm, near Lighthouse Beach in Port Huron and ends at Chrysler Beach in Marysville, MI.​

Participants of Port Huron Float Down use various floating devices to take part in the adventure. These include an inflatable raft, a Personal Floatation Device or Life Jacket, oars paddles, and swim fins also help to stay on 8-mi (13-km) course downstream to Chrysler Beach. Beware of the strong currents under the Blue Water Bridges, and wind direction. With North Wind, the route takes about 3 hours while the South wind can make it two times longer.

The tradition to float down the St. Clair River, dates back to mid-century times. However in 1986, after a storm, the United States Coast Guard shut down the fun event because participants were getting into the shipping channel and crossing into Canada. The event was officially reinstated in 2008 with about 3,000 floaters descending the St. Clair River every year.

The best spots to watch Port Huron Float down from the shore are Kiefer Park, Lincoln Park, Edison Parkway, The Blue Water Bridges, and Pine Grove Park.

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