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Seaman's Day or Sjómannadagur 2023

Since fishing industry on the Faroe Islands is its main business, it actually takes a whole weekend to show and tell about the seaman's life in Klaksvík

Dates: June 4, 2023

Seaman's Day or Sjómannadagur

Every third weekend of August on Faroes is marked with Seaman's day. Faroese are really proud of their fishing industry and have a lot of things to share and talk about. So when the Seaman's day finally arrives in Klaksvík, the whole Saturday and Sunday are devoted to conferences, lectures, exhibitions and workshops. If you are especially interested in fishing, there is no better place to go on this day. Moreover, if you lucky enough you can witness the traditional Seaman's day swim ​when people swim into the cold open waters.

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