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Bokeljska Noc or Boka Night in Kotor 2022

A big sea festival in Kotor will make your night in the city unforgettable. A huge parade of colorful boats makes for a great impression


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One more reason to visit Kotor in August is the so-called Boka night, which usually is held at the end of the month. Loud parties, breathtaking fireworks, and traditional boat parades are awaiting visitors. The event got its name after the Boka Bay where Kotor is located. The tradition is pretty old; the first festivals were organized in the 19th century or maybe even earlier. Another unusual tradition is the barge festival. Dozens of originally decorated colorful boats sail along the bay, one after another.

At the same time people in the city dance and sing, so the party is truly amazing. At the end of the day, the best boat gets a special award, and after that, the celebration continues till the morning. Boka night gathers thousands of people every year, being one of the most popular events in Montenegro.​

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