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Beach Season in Montenegro

Sunny Montenegrin beaches welcome you and your family! A perfect destination to relax and to forget any problems

Best time: May–early October

Beach Season
Beach Season
Beach Season

Montenegrin sea resorts are quite popular during the swimming season, but beaches are still not too overcrowded, so you can easily find a place for sunbathing. The best time to enjoy the warm and soft Adriatic Sea is from May to September or even to early October. During this period​, the average water temperature is about 20-26 °C. Check the resorts of Kotor, B​udva, Tivat, or Herceg Novi—their beaches are considered to be the best in all of Montenegro. ​

Practical info

What is the best time to visit Montenegrin beaches?

Montenegrin beaches are at their finest from May to October, and visitors can expect pleasant weather during this time. Sunbathing and swimming are great during this period as the Adriatic Sea's water temperature ranges between 20-26°C. Tourists should take advantage of the relatively lax crowd levels and ease of finding a spot for sunbathing. Show more

What is the average water temperature during the swimming season?

Water temperature can range between 20-26°C during Montenegro's swimming season, making it an ideal time to engage in water-based activities. Visitors should note that the water temperature may vary between beaches or areas. It is recommended to monitor the forecasts and updates to plan itineraries accordingly. Show more

Which resorts have the best beaches in Montenegro?

Montenegro offers several resorts with picturesque beaches. Accommodation options in Kotor, Budva, Tivat, and Herceg Novi provide access to some of the country's best beaches. Visitors can pick from a variety of options based on individual preferences of charm or available activities. Show more

What are some popular activities to do at Montenegrin beaches?

Swimming and sunbathing are wildly popular in Montenegro. Visitors can take up beach volleyball or water sports such as parasailing, windsurfing, or jet skiing. Apart from the thrilling water-based activities, the coastlines offer a vast array of restaurants and bars to savor local seafood and exotic cocktails with pelagic views. Show more

Are there any hidden gems for beachgoers in Montenegro?

A retreat from the bustling Montenegrin beaches are the hidden gems in the beaches of Jaz or Velika Plaža. The beach at Jaz is coved, surrounded by green hills, and an epitome of a perfect day out. In contrast, Velika Plaža, the longest Montenegrin beach, witnesses the daily throng of kite surfers courtesy of the ideal kite surfing conditions offered by the location's winds. These beaches provide serene, solitary beach experiences compared to the popular beaches. Show more

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