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Pink Beach, Komodo Island in Indonesia

An idyllic retreat spot at an official UNESCO World Heritage Site with clear turquoise water, green hills, endless blue skies, and striking pink sands

Best time: April–June | September–November

Pink Beach, Komodo Island
Pink Beach, Komodo Island
Pink Beach
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Pink Beach is one of the most popular spots on Komodo Island and a real natural wonder, with only a few similar places on the planet. The beach gets its unique colour from microscopic organisms called Foraminifera. They produce a red pigment of the coral reefs. That's why locals call it the Red Beach. When the small pieces of the coral combine with white sand, it creates the soft pink tint, which is visible on the shore.

The fascinating scenery you see on land is not the only attraction, as the underwater world is not less exciting. Colourful corals of Pink Beach create unique underwater gardens with a huge variety of species.

Pink Beach is an ideal spot for snorkelers and beginner divers. You can spend hours marvelling this beauty. Photographers will also appreciate this place, especially during sunset.

Animal lovers can observe the giant lizard, famous Komodo Dragon. Interestingly, the island is home to 2,000 people and 2,500 Komodo Dragons.

The best time to visit the island is from April to June when the long rainy and monsoon season is over, and it's not too hot yet. The months of September–November are also great due to moderate weather, as well as whale and manta season. Summer is usually too windy and packed with crowds and boats.

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What makes Pink Beach popular among tourists?

Pink Beach has become a favourite destination for travellers from around the world due to its unique pink sand colour. The beach is situated on Komodo Island, an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, and offers excellent underwater visibility and coral reefs. Snorkelling and beginner diving are popular outdoor activities, while the giant lizards known as the Komodo Dragon offer an attraction for animal lovers. Overall, Pink Beach provides an unforgettable experience with its unique scenery and outdoor activities. Show more

What is responsible for the colour of Pink Beach, and how does this happen?

Pink Beach is famous for its beautiful pink sand colour created by coral reef pigment. The pigment comes from microscopic organisms called Foraminifera that thrive in the coral reefs. The organisms produce a red pigment that mixes with the white sandy shore, resulting in the stunning pink-tinted soft sand seen along Pink Beach. This unique combination of the coral reef pigment and white sand creates a beautiful and memorable sight that lures in tourists from all over the world. Show more

What outdoor activities can visitors enjoy at Pink Beach?

Travellers visiting Pink Beach can engage in various outdoor activities, such as snorkelling, beginner diving, and sunbathing. The beach has crystal-clear turquoise waters which provide excellent visibility for underwater views, including colourful corals and fishes. Aspiring photographers can snap amazing sunset moments along the pink shore. For wildlife enthusiasts, the massive lizards referred to as the Komodo Dragon can be found roaming around the island. There's something for everyone at Pink Beach. Show more

Are there any animals on Komodo Island that tourists need to be careful of?

Komodo Island is home to the Komodo Dragon, a giant lizard that can be considerably dangerous when encountered. Although the dragons do not frequently inhabit the beach area or waters, tourists are encouraged to explore the park with armed guides for safety purposes. The island is well maintained, and park rangers take proper care of the ecosystem, ensuring visitors have a safe and enjoyable experience. Show more

What time of the year is recommended for tourists to visit Pink Beach?

The ideal months for visiting Pink Beach is from April to June and September to November, offering moderate weather conditions without the monsoon season's long rains or summer's high winds. From September to November, visitors can cherish the whale and manta season. However, planning a trip during the peak season increases the likelihood of overcrowding, making it essential to time your visit to experience Pink Beach's natural beauty fully. Show more

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