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Sometimes Islands in Texas

The Sometimes Islands are a part of the Lake Travis area. They come up and submerge whenever mother nature decides!

Sometimes Islands

These islands that come and go, due to the weather, are an interesting natural phenomenon. Once the territory of the southern bend of Lake Travis was a cattle grazing land. Later on due to floods, this place became one with the rest of the lake. When droughts come to this area, the islands appear from the water and become visible again. It is curious to observe trees and grass appearing in the middle of the lake, and when the time comes and weather changes everything goes back under the water again. From 2009 to 2011 droughts were rather severe, and the Sometimes Islands came up tied together with a narrow path which led from Mansfield Dam Park to the far end of the Sometimes Islands. However, since the summer of 2015 marked by heavy rains the islands have disappeared. Who knows w​hen they are going to come back again? Meanwhile, Lake Travis is still worth visiting in the summer as it becomes a great place for scuba diving and attracts lots of people, especially on weekends.

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