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Tarantula Migration

Native Texas spiders leave their burrows en masse in search for females


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Texas brown tarantulas are the largest and heaviest spiders in the state, with an average body length of 1,5 inches (40 mm). They are often feared because of their size. However, tarantulas are usually harmless to people. Every summer, thousands of tarantulas take over the roads, trails, and even backyards all over Texas, searching for a mate. The annual migration starts in May and lasts through July. In Central Texas, tarantulas can be observed as late as early October.

Tarantulas are commonly seen throughout the Rio Grande Valley. the Prairies and Lakes region, Pineywoods, the Hill Country and west to the Trans-Pecos and the Chihuahuan Desert. The Texas brown tarantula is abundant in the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve in Plano, in the northern part of the state. and Central Texas's Highland Lakes area. In the south-western part of the state, the best spider-watching destination would be Big Bend Ranch State Park on the border with Mexico.

The Texas brown tarantula has eight legs, eight eyes, and fangs that help it inject venom into prey. The venom is usually not toxic to humans. Male tarantulas stay in their burrows until they reach maturity and then head out to mate and die shortly after. Female tarantulas live for about 20-25 years, laying from 100 to 1000 eggs each season.

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