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Tarantula Migration in Oklahoma 2024

The best time to spot native to Oklahoma spiders in the wild

Best time: late August–September

Tarantula Migration
A tarantula in the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge
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It's not easy to spot an Oklahoma brown tarantula. These spiders spend most of their lives inside burrows. However, starting from late August, they leave their hideouts and can be seen on short grass prairies and crossing roads. Fall is mating season for tarantulas so males venture out in the wild to look for females.

Brown tarantulas are quite large, reaching about five inches (13 cm) from leg to leg. Despite their size and fearsome looks, tarantulas are usually harmless to humans. Their venom, however, is capable of killing insects.

The spiders prefer open areas and sandy soil types. So they are more common in western parts of the state where the climate is arid. The area around the city of Hollis is known for tarantula abundance. Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge is another good place to look for them. Tarantulas are most active right before sunset.

By the arrival of cold weather, tarantulas are usually gone. Males rarely live long after mating and could even be eaten by their partners. Females mostly stay in their burrows as they lay from 100 to 1000 eggs each year.

Practical info

When can tarantulas in Oklahoma be easily spotted?

Tarantulas in Oklahoma can be easily spotted from late August to September. Males leave their burrows during this time to look for a mate. The males are commonly seen on short grass prairies and often cross roads. The arid climate of the western part of the state is where they are most active, and sightings typically occur right before sunset. Show more

Apart from the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, where else can tarantulas be found in Oklahoma?

Another place to find tarantulas in Oklahoma is the Hollis area. The region is known to be abundant in tarantulas and has sandy soil types, which is preferred by tarantulas. Tarantulas prefer open areas, which is common in Western Oklahoma, and that is where you can likely find them outside the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. Show more

What is the size range of Oklahoma brown tarantulas?

Oklahoma brown tarantulas can grow up to 5 inches (13 cm) from leg to leg, making them one of the largest spider species in the US. Although they may look threatening, they are typically harmless to humans. Their venom is potent enough to kill insects and other small animals, but rarely requires medical attention for humans. Show more

Do Oklahoma tarantulas have venom that can pose a risk to humans?

Tarantulas found in Oklahoma are generally not a danger to humans, and are not aggressive animals that avoid confrontation. However, their venom can be lethal to insects and small animals, as well as their prey. Provoked tarantulas may bite humans resulting in local pain and redness, but medical attention or care is seldom necessary. Show more

What is the expected lifespan of male tarantulas after mating?

Male tarantulas have a short lifespan after mating, usually dying due to exhaustion or becoming prey for their partners. The lifespan of male tarantulas varies significantly based on several factors, such as species, wild or captive, habitat, and climate. On average, after reaching maturity, most male tarantulas die within a year, while females can live up to or even more than 25 years. Show more

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