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Waynoka Rattlesnake Hunt 2023

Test your nerves and visit this desert snake hunt

Dates: April 14–16, 2023

The dunes of the Little Sahara in Little Sahara State Park are the perfect place to ride ATVs. But on the first weekend after Easter, they become a platform for this tough annual race—The Waynoka Rattlesnake Hunt.

The Hunt custom dates back to the 1940s when local farmers suffered from snakes attacking their livestock. Over time, this tradition was ingrained so well that it became a whole festival.

These days, Waynoka Saddle Club annually invites the bravest to hunt the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. In the final ceremony, snakes are measured and weighed—all of them need to be alive. Winners are divided into three categories: the longest snake, the largest weight of all collected snakes, and those with the most buttons on the end of a rattler.

Despite the competition itself, the festival still has many activities for all family members. The main square of the city is blocked from traffic. There is a fair with carnival food and goods from local producers. Meanwhile, skilled snake handlers make snake shows along the sidelines.

The festival competitions are located on the outskirts of Waynoka. Entrance to the dunes of the Little Sahara costs 10$ a day. Tent place rent costs 12$ a day.

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