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Hunting Season in Scotland

The season starts with grouse, snipe, and ptarmigan then proceeds with other wildfowl and finishes with deer

Hunting Season
Hunting Season
Hunting Season
Hunting Season

Scotland's delicious game season opens, as in the rest of Britain, on the so-called Glorious Twelfth–namely the twelfth of August. In particular, such game poultry as grouse, ptarmigan, and snipe kick off the season. September marks the beginning of partridge, woodcock, coot, golden plover, wild duck, and goose season. From October hunters are allowed to shoot pheasants and most deer species. The hunting season generally finishes in January or February, except ​one deer species–Roe Deer season runs to the end of March.

Choose Dunkeld, Aldourie, Crianlarich, Melrose, Ellon or Fort William to experience the best hunting options in Scotland.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Scotland for hunting?

Hunting season in Scotland starts from August 12 and lasts until March. Grouse, ptarmigan, and snipe are the first species of game available for hunting. September is the beginning of other wildfowl, such as the partridge, woodcock, coot, golden plover, wild duck, and goose. The final game species available for hunting are deer, with Roe Deer season extending till March. Show more

Where are the best locations for hunting in Scotland?

To experience hunting in Scotland, some of the best locations to visit are Fort William, Melrose, Ellon, Aldourie, Crianlarich, and Dunkeld. These areas offer an abundance of game species like grouse, snipe, ptarmigan, and different types of deer species, including Roe Deer. Show more

What are the types of wildfowl available for hunting in Scotland?

Scotland offers several kinds of wildfowl for hunting. When hunting season begins in August, game species like grouse, ptarmigan, and snipe are available. As the season progresses, species such as wild ducks, geese, partridges, and plovers become available. In most areas, hunters can find other game species like pheasants, woodcocks, and coots. Show more

When does the deer season end in Scotland?

The deer hunting season in Scotland finishes generally in January or February, except for Roe Deer season which ends in March. Roe Deer is a unique species available for hunting hunts remaining mainly in the lowlands, and hunters have an increased chance of hunting Roe Deer in many regions within Scotland because of the extended season. Show more

What are the unique species available for hunting in Scotland during the hunting season?

Scotland's hunting season provides opportunities for hunters to experience various species of game. Roe Deer, Red Deer, and Sika Deer are prevalent deer species available for hunting in different areas in Scotland. There are also several unique species available for hunting during the season, such as Lagopus Muta (Ptarmigan), Black Grouse, Capercaillie, and Red Grouse. Scotland's hunting season is an ideal time for skilled hunters to enjoy the stunning wilderness and Hunt Scotland's beautiful game species. Show more

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