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Hunting Season & Game Meat in London

While London's licensed hunters try their shooting skills, you can treat your stomach to some delicious game meat

Hunting Season & Game Meat
Hunting Season & Game Meat

Before the opening of the British hunting season that traditionally falls on the "Glorious Twelfth of August," local hunters clean their guns and prepare all the necessary equipment and ready themselves for exciting days and sleepless nights of vigilance that continues until February. The best hunters need a lot of patience, alertness, attention, and accuracy. Wild Grouse is usually first followed by snipe, plovers, and partridge. Bird hunting season proceeds with duck, goose, woodcock, and pheasant followed eventually by the highly anticipated deer season.

The closest hunting areas to London include Oxfordshire, that is only a 1 hour away from London. About 12.000 ha is available for hunting. The game includes wild birds, muntjac and fallow deer. Another location is E.J. Churchill shooting ground at The Swinton Estate that offers pheasant shooting. In Britain, you are required to have a license to be allowed to hunt, but in the course of the season butcheries are full of fresh game and restaurants also offer plenty​. So if you don't manage to join the hunt, at least you can treat your palate.

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When is the ideal time to visit London to experience game meat foods and hunting season?

The hunting season in the UK robustly starts on August 12 and comes to a close in February, which offers the best experience to visit London for hunting season and game meat. The season revolves around birds such as woodcock, duck, pheasant, snipe, grouse, goose, and plovers. Deer hunting is considered to be the most anticipated activity. However, London also has many specialty restaurants that serve fresh game meat dishes, and you should not miss to try them out. Show more

Which are the nearby areas where one can go for hunting around London?

Oxfordshire is the closest hunting area to London and about an hour's drive away. It covers roughly around 12,000 hectares of hunting area, and you can hunt for wild birds, muntjac, and fallow deer among others. Another suggestion is The Swinton Estate, widely recognized for pheasant shooting. Nevertheless, if you only want to taste the game meat, several specialty butcheries and restaurants in London offer fresh and delicious game meat during the hunting season. Show more

What is the period of British hunting season and the order of game hunting?

The Glorious Twelfth marks the initiation of the British hunting season and typically starts from August 12 and ends in February. The type of game starts from wild grouse and proceeds to snipe, partridge, and plovers. Afterward, hunters focus on duck, goose, woodcock, and pheasant to finally conclude with deer hunting season. However, the hunting pattern and schedule may vary depending on the region and regulations governing it. Show more

What type of game meats are available in London restaurants during the hunting season?

During the hunting season, game meat enthusiasts can pick from a variety of choices such as rabbit, pheasant, and venison served at London restaurants. If you're looking for something more exotic, have a try at the wild boar dishes. Game meat is relatively leaner than the standard meat, and hence, only experienced chefs can prepare it perfectly with accurate cooking techniques and suitable flavorings. Therefore, these specialty restaurants have professionally trained staff to serve you game meat that imparts unique flavors and textures. Show more

What are the legal requirements to get a hunting permit in Britain?

Before hunting in Britain, you need to have a valid license to avoid any legal prosecution, and hunting without a license falls under illegal activities. The main objective of licensing is to ensure the safety, conservation, and welfare of animals. Regulations include wearing high visibility clothing standard safety protocols that the hunters should follow while hunting. Keep in mind that licensing requirements and other rules governing hunting may differ among regions and the type of hunting you want to indulge in. Show more

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