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Hunting Season & Game Meat

While London's licensed hunters try their shooting skills, you can treat your stomach to some delicious game meat

Hunting Season & Game Meat in London 2019 - Best Time
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Before the opening of the British hunting season that traditionally falls on the "Glorious Twelfth of August," local hunters clean their guns and prepare all the necessary equipment and ready themselves for exciting days and sleepless nights of vigilance that continues until February. The best hunters need a lot of patience, alertness, attention, and accuracy. Wild Grouse is usually first followed by snipe, plovers, and partridge. Bird hunting season proceeds with duck, goose, woodcock, and pheasant followed eventually by the highly anticipated deer season. In Britain, you are required to have a license to be allowed to hunt, but in the course of the season butcheries are full of fresh game and restaurants also offer plenty​. So if you don't manage to join the hunt, at least you can treat your palate.

Hunting Season & Game Meat in London - Best Season 2019