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Falconry Experience in Jordan

Hunting for falcons is not an easy task, yet Bedouins have been doing it for ages and are eager to pass on their skills

Best time: mid-September–late November

Falconry Experience
Falconry Experience
Falconry Experience

For Bedouins falconry is both a hobby and profession providing them with considerable profit. The hunting process is considered the most important part even though occasionally there is no catch. Bedouins actually consider falconry as a kind of sport and a great adventure at that. Instead of cooking or selling these soaring predators hunters will train the falcons to the point of friendship.

Though hunting season starts in mid-September​, preparations begin already in August. Falcon hunters live in tents set in the middle of the desert, and in the daytime they hunt for falcons using pigeons as bait. The hunting season lasts until late November, anyone interested may join the hunters and learn the art, though Bedouins traditionally hunt in male groups, and women receive their share later.

Jafr village is renowned as the most popular site for falconry.

Practical info

What does falconry involve?

Falconry is a centuries-old art of training and keeping falcons for hunting purposes. Bedouins use it as a recreational activity, a profession, and a source of income. This sport allows the hunters and falcons to form a special bond that enables the falcon to hunt prey without injuring the falcon. Show more

What is the most popular place for a falconry experience in Jordan?

Jafr village, located in the middle of the desert, is the favored place for tourists interested in experiencing falconry in Jordan. Here visitors can interact with Bedouins who live in tents during the hunting season and learn the art of falconry from them by assisting in the hunt. Show more

What time of year is best to visit Jordan for falconry?

The peak season for falconry in Jordan begins mid-September and ends late November. It is during this season that migratory birds are abundant, and the weather is favorable for training falcons. The Bedouins start their preparations in August in anticipation of the forthcoming hunting season. Show more

How do Bedouins train their falcons?

Bedouins have developed unique training methods for training their hunting falcons. The falcons are tethered with one leg while getting accustomed to following commands, recognizing the hunting grounds while using pigeons as bait for them. They gradually learn to trust their hunters and fly free in search of prey before returning to their owners. Show more

Is it possible for women to take part in falconry in Jordan?

Although traditionally only men participate in falconry, women in Jordan face no legal restrictions and are allowed to partake in this activity. Women can learn falconry and participate in the hunt if they respect Bedouin culture's traditional norms and standards. Women also receive a share of the prey from the hunt as per Bedouin tradition. Show more

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