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Aug17 - Aug27:AUGUST 17 - AUGUST 27:


Breathtaking Sunsets

mid-February–October  • nature

One of the most famous features of Santorini is its sunset

Octopus Season

August–October  • food

Santorini boasts to be a seafood destination, and offers octopus dishes with its own unique flavour

Fuchsia Bougainvillea Bloom

April–late October  • nature

The bloom of these flowers are considered to be Santorini's trademark

Beach Season

late April–late October  • activity

Santorini is a perfect summer destination, due to its beautiful scenery and wonderful crystal clear sea waters

Wine Making Season

mid-August–September • activity

Santorini boasts best wine production on Cyclades

Santorini Cherry Tomatoes

June–August  • food

A unique summer delight gives you the most tasty food experience

Donkey Ride

April–October • activity

Riding donkeys is a big tourist attraction that has raised questions of danger and cruelty

Sailing Season

April–late October • activity

Sailing is possible all year round here, but most rentals stay open only for the summer season

Sea Kayaking

May–October • activity

Santorini is perfect when viewed from the water!

White Aubergine

June–August • food

The sweet in taste eggplant of Santorini


Greek Orthodox Easter

April 06–08, 2018 • event

Easter is one of the main Greek celebrations, but on Santorini the traditions are most authentical and spiritual

Ifestia Festival

September 15, 2018 • event

The festival entirely dedicated to the volcano eruption that changed the landscape of Santorini forever in the mid-second millennium BCE

Red Bull Art of Motion

October 07, 2017 • event

See the best athletes jumping and freerunning on the hot rooftops of Santorini


April 03–08, 2018 • food

Traditional Greek Easter sweets that originated from Santorini


December 25 | April 08, 2018 • food

A sweet traditional dish reserved for special occasions


December 31–January 01 • food

A traditional Greek New Year's Day cake that brings good luck

Kourampiedes (Kourabiethes)—Greek Christmas Butter Cookies

early December–early January • food

During Christmas vacation in Greece, try these delicious traditional butter cookies which look like small snowballs

Fresh Stuffed Grape Leaves

May–June • food

Tasteful grape leaves are of huge importance in the Greek cuisine


December 25 • food

Traditional Christmas cookies with almonds are a true taste of winter holdays