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Best time of year to visit Santorini

Choose early autumn as the best time to visit Santorini when the crowds are scarce. Beach season on the island runs from May through late October, but August is the busiest. September and October bring relief from crowds and perfect mild weather. Climate cools a little in autumn, and this is when the Ifestia Festival takes place. Money saving will be possible in low season from November through March.
The period from April to May is a good time for sightseeing and hiking. You can also try donkey ride and taste outstanding Santorini white aubergines and cherry tomatoes with the beginning of summer. And don't forget about breathtaking Santorini sunsets anytime except winter months.


Breathtaking Sunsets

mid-February–October  • nature

One of the most famous features of Santorini is its sunset

Octopus Season

August–October  • food

Santorini boasts to be a seafood destination, and offers octopus dishes with its own unique flavour

Fuchsia Bougainvillea Bloom

April–late October  • nature

The bloom of these flowers are considered to be Santorini's trademark

Beach Season

late April–late October  • activity

Santorini is a perfect summer destination, due to its beautiful scenery and wonderful crystal clear sea waters

Nea Kameni

April–October • activity

A prominent volcano and hot springs above the caldera is a unique experience of Santorini

Santorini Cherry Tomatoes

June–August  • food

A unique summer delight gives you the most tasty food experience

Fruit Season

May–October • food

Hot greek summers would be incomplete without a juicy fruit plate

Summer Coffee (Frappe)

May–September • food

Solving the biggest summer struggle of coffee lovers since 1957

Sailing Season

April–late October • activity

Sailing is possible all year round here, but most rentals stay open only for the summer season

Sea Kayaking

May–October • activity

Santorini is perfect when viewed from the water!

Donkey Ride

April–October • activity

Riding donkeys is a big tourist attraction that has raised questions of danger and cruelty

White Aubergine

June–August • food

The sweet in taste eggplant of Santorini


Greek Orthodox Easter and Holy Week

April 26–28, 2019 • event

Easter is one of the main Greek celebrations, but on Santorini the traditions are most authentical and spiritual

Red Bull Art of Motion

2019 (TBA) • event

See the best athletes jumping and freerunning on the hot rooftops of Santorini

Ifestia Festival

September 15, 2018 • event

The festival entirely dedicated to the volcano eruption that changed the landscape of Santorini forever in the mid-second millennium BCE

Wine Making Season

mid-August–September • activity

Santorini boasts best wine production on Cyclades


April 03–08, 2018 • food

Traditional Greek Easter sweets that originated from Santorini


December 25 • food

A sweet traditional dish reserved for special occasions

Whitewashing Houses

April • activity

Watch the locals painting their iconic houses white and blue every spring


December–February • food

A strong local spirit that warms up the heart and body


December 31–January 01 • food

A traditional Greek New Year's Day cake that brings good luck

Caper Harvest

late May–early June • food

Capers are the iconic food of Cyclades, including Santorini

Kourampiedes (Kourabiethes)—Greek Christmas Butter Cookies

early December–early January • food

During Christmas vacation in Greece, try these delicious traditional butter cookies which look like small snowballs

Fresh Stuffed Grape Leaves

May–June • food

Tasteful grape leaves are of huge importance in the Greek cuisine


December 25 • food

Traditional Christmas cookies with almonds are a true taste of winter holdays