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Best time to visit Santorini

Nea Kameni

A prominent volcano and hot springs above the caldera is a unique experience that Santorini offers !


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Nea Kameni is a small uninhabited volcanic island located in Santorini caldera that was flooded by the sea. The island was formed after some considerable volcanic activity. The last eruption on the island occured in 1950.

The tiny island with a diameter of 2 km gets plenty of visitors since it offers an easy 130-meter-high climb to a volcanic crater and hot springs which are suitable to bathe in.

Warm dark waters of Nea Kameni are known for their healing properties. Rich in sulfur, these waters can apparently help cure many diseases, which explains their popularity. Boats to Nea Kameni operate regularly during the high season. But if you want to dive in warm waters without it being too crowded, then late spring to early summer or early fall is the best time to visit it!

A tiny cover of Agios Nikolaos in Nea Kameni is a true health source, so prepare to meet lots of people over there.

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