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Gold Strike Hot Springs

Bathing in hot springs in the open air is a true pleasure, especially in cooler months

This fascinating place is located in Boulder City, just 50 km from Vegas. True, it is a little hidden among the rocks, but you can get to the hot springs through beautiful canyons, try rock climbing, and discover truly untouched nature on the way.

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At first, the road is easy, as it follows the main motorway. Then, rocks appear, and you will need ropes to manoeuver over the large rocks and boulders. There are signs on the walls to help.

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Three hot springs await you at the end. The first source dries up depending on the season. The second is near the Cave of Miracles and has a warm temperature. After passing several waterfalls, you will reach the third hot spring. This source is the hottest and offers the best views—the surrounding canyons provide a perfect natural jacuzzi.

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Avoid this trek in the summer months. At this time of year, it is too hot. Cooler months of autumn, winter, and spring are much better.