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Red Rocks Climbing

You won't find better rocks for climbing than in Red Rock Canyon

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Red Rock Canyon is a unique place which 600 million years ago was under the oceanic water column. Rocks of grey limestone and red sandstone remain from the bottom of the ancient ocean.

The steep and precipitous rocks of the canyon are popular for climbing. The favourable local climate and excellent sandstone contribute to climbing and attract visitors from all over the world who come here to hone their climbing techniques and conquer more demanding routes.

There are about 1,700 climbing routes of different length and complexity. Climbers can enjoy a huge selection of incredibly aesthetic and climbing-conducive sandstone in Calico Basin and Black Velvet Canyon.

Calico Hills is the main climbing sector in the vicinity of Las Vegas. This is a small mountain system with ridges, gorges, and canyons. Black Velvet Wall is the crown jewel climbing destination at Red Rocks.

Climbing in Red Rock can be practised all year round, but hardly anybody ventures to do in in the heat of summer when the temperature in the shade can reach +30°C and higher. September to May is better, still, the best time is spring, from March to May and autumn, from September to November. In winter, with good weather, you can also climb, but the days are short, and the rocks need time to dry. October to April is known for possible snow storms, so you should always check the weather forecast while planning your climbing adventures.

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