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Red Rocks Climbing in Nevada

You won't find better rocks for climbing than in Red Rock Canyon

Best time: September–May

Red Rocks Climbing
Red Rocks Climbing
Red Rocks Climbing
Red Rocks Climbing
Red Rocks Climbing

Red Rock Canyon is a unique place which 600 million years ago was under the oceanic water column. Rocks of grey limestone and red sandstone remain from the bottom of the ancient ocean.

The steep and precipitous rocks of the canyon are popular for climbing. The favourable local climate and excellent sandstone contribute to climbing and attract visitors from all over the world who come here to hone their climbing techniques and conquer more demanding routes.

There are about 1,700 climbing routes of different length and complexity. Climbers can enjoy a huge selection of incredibly aesthetic and climbing-conducive sandstone in Calico Basin and Black Velvet Canyon.

Calico Hills is the main climbing sector in the vicinity of Las Vegas. This is a small mountain system with ridges, gorges, and canyons. Black Velvet Wall is the crown jewel climbing destination at Red Rocks.

Climbing in Red Rock can be practised all year round, but hardly anybody ventures to do in in the heat of summer when the temperature in the shade can reach +30°C and higher. September to May is better, still, the best time is spring, from March to May and autumn, from September to November. In winter, with good weather, you can also climb, but the days are short, and the rocks need time to dry. October to April is known for possible snow storms, so you should always check the weather forecast while planning your climbing adventures.

Practical info

What is the best time of the year to climb at Red Rock Canyon?

While climbing is possible throughout the year in Red Rock Canyon, the months from September to May offer the best conditions. Summer months tend to get very hot, making it uncomfortable and risky for climbers to undertake the activity. In the winter, it is possible to climb but advisable to check for mild temperatures and dry rocks before doing so. Show more

How many climbing routes are there in Red Rock Canyon?

There are as many as 1,700 climbing routes in Red Rock Canyon that are distributed across various climbing sectors. The walls are quite high, around 1,000 feet, and the routes encompass a range of difficulty levels and length. Climbers can choose anything from single-pitch climbs to multi-pitch routes that span hundreds of feet. Show more

What is the unique feature of the rocks at Red Rock Canyon?

The fascinating feature of the rocks at Red Rock Canyon is their composition and history. With an age of over 600 million years, these rocks originated from grey limestone and red sandstone during an oceanic period. Often called a geological spectacle, the landscape boasts precipitous cliffs and canyons that offer a year-round climb on excellent sandstone. Show more

Which is the crown jewel climbing destination at Red Rocks?

Black Velvet Wall stands out as one of Red Rock's most popular climbing destinations, known for its spectacular high walls and challenging routes. The routes at the site vary from short single-pitch to longer multi-pitch scaling and range in difficulty level from 5.10 to 5.15, catering to experienced climbers seeking a challenge. While a long approach characterizes the area, the experience is worth it. Show more

Can you climb in Red Rock Canyon all year round?

Red Rock Canyon is favorable for climbing all year round. However, the summer months can be hot, with temperatures touching 100 degrees F, making it unideal for the activity. Instead, climbers prefer the spring months of March to May and the autumn months of September to November to enjoy the climb. In winter, while possible to climb, days are shorter and rocks take time to dry, and hence, one needs to plan properly. Show more

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