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Burning Man 2022

A city in a desert where once a year dreamers from all over the world gather for pure expression without any boundaries


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What is Burning Man? It's usually called a festival, but the 'burners' prefer not to categorize it and simply call it an event or a gathering and an experiment of creating a society of freedom and radical self-expression.

This gathering takes place annually between the last Sunday of August and the first Monday of September in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. During this event, a town with its full infrastructure pops up in the middle of nowhere.

It was first organised back in 1986 by Larry Harvey who came up with the main principles of the festival, among which are radical self-expression, communal effort and leaving no trace. Back then it was a small party for a bunch of friends whereas now it's a huge festival that welcomes more than 60,000 people every year.

Burning Man has no main focus and it's mostly a place for showing your art and getting some new experience. Even your maddest ideas and fantasies here won't be judged or rejected. It's a paradise for all kinds of hippies, freaks, idealists and romantics. The pictures from the festival often remind of a 2015 movie Mad Max: Fury Road.

There is a list of items you should bring along to survive in the Black Rock City. One of the recommended things is a bicycle that comes in handy to move around the City.

The main event of the festival is the burning of a giant wooden sculpture of the Man which takes place on the last Saturday of the festival.

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