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Vancouver Island Musicfest 2024

Check out this amazing weekend among gorgeous nature and with great music!

Dates: July 12-14, 2024

Vancouver Island Musicfest
Vancouver Island Musicfest

Vancouver Island MusicFest is an annual summer event that draws thousands of music enthusiasts to the Comox Valley Fairgrounds. This is one of the top music festivals in British Columbia. Every year over 7,000 people attend the festival grounds to see all sorts of performers from all over the globe.

Throughout three days, everyone can enjoy various music styles on six separate stages. You can listen to bluegrass, blues, reggae, folk, rock, country, hip-hop, and even more. Each stage is a unique creation with its own peculiarity. As you rove from one stage to another you can enjoy the atmosphere and take part in different workshops and art projects. The natural atmosphere of mountains, woods, and ocean create an unforgettable experience. Spend some time at the riverside camp surrounded by spectacular nature and thousands of music lovers for a great chance to exchange culture, enjoy some great live music, and just enjoy some time among friends!

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