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Cambie climbing tree in British Columbia

Are you fit enough to climb a towering Canadian evergreen?

The exact location of the Cambie climbing tree is intentionally concealed, but if you go south from the King Edward Skytrain Station, you’ll notice the tremendous green giant right away.

Hidden behind the greenery, the tree is an excellent spot for a fun mini-adventure. The stable branches grow close enough together, so even a novice climber can make it to the top. In addition, there are hammocks, a tire swing, as well as toys and buckets, hanging at different heights.

If you want to have a date in an unordinary location or simply have a rest in the shade, there’s a cute bench tucked within the roots. And keep in mind that during the night, climbing can be a bit dangerous, so this place is perfect only during the day.

The beauty of the famous North Shore mountains and an impressive picture of Vancouver’s skyline await the daredevils who manage to reach the top. A panoramic view while sitting atop an evergreen tree is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Insider tip: Rain is very common in Vancouver, so be cautious of slippery branches and only climb the tree if you are confident in yourself. Be safe!

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