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Seal Pups in British Columbia

If you have never seen seals before, British Columbia is a great viewing spot. Come in summer for the adorable pups!

Best time: May–August

Seal Pups
Seal Pups

The most common marine mammals in the B.C. coastal waters are seals. In this area, you can find mainly harbour seals. They can be seen almost in every season.

These ocean creatures can be spotted in coastal areas of the North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. There are over 100,000 seals along the B.C. coastline, especially Sunshine Coastline and Sunset Beach. They do spend several weeks at sea, but they also like to lie on the rocky shorelines warming up and resting. The greatest time to see whole families is when the pups are born. This period comes in late spring and summer. In the northern areas of the B.C. coastline births occur in May–June, while southern shores see seal babies around July–August.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit British Columbia to see seal pups?

To have the best chance of seeing seal pups in British Columbia, it is recommended to visit during late spring and summer which is their birthing season. In northern B.C., seal babies are born around May to June, while southern shores observe seal pups around July to August. The season for observing seal pups in British Columbia is from May to August. Show more

Where is the best place to see seal families in British Columbia?

The ideal places to witness seal families in British Columbia are Sunshine Coastline and Sunset Beach where they can be seen resting and warming up on the rocky shorelines. However, you may spot seals almost every season in the coastal areas of North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans along B.C.'s coastline. Show more

How many seals can be found along the B.C. coastline?

The number of seals found along British Columbia's coastline exceeds 100,000, with the majority being harbour seals. You can spot these seals almost throughout the seasons along the coastal regions of North Pacific and Atlantic Oceans in the B.C. coastline. Show more

When do the seal pups start to appear in northern B.C. coastline?

In late spring and summer, seal pups become visible along British Columbia's northern coastline. Births typically occur within May to June in the northern areas, while in the southern shores, seal babies can be observed around July to August. Show more

What is the difference between the seal species found in B.C. coastline vs. Atlantic Oceans?

While Atlantic Oceans have multiple species of seals such as Grey seals, Harp seals, Hooded seals, etc., British Columbia's coastline is mostly occupied by harbour seals. Grey seals, being more massive than harbour seals, possess a longer lifespan than the latter. Additionally, unlike Harbour seals, Grey seals are primarily found in the North Atlantic Ocean. Show more

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