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Best time to travel to Scotland

Seal Pups

The world's largest grey seal population and their cute pups inhabit the shores of the Scottish Orkney Islands


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Scotland, in particular, the Orkney Islands, is home to 25,000 grey seals which constitutes 40% of the world's total population of the species. A good deal of seals also inhabits the Knoydart peninsula. The best time to get acquainted with the animals is during their pupping season. You will be able to encounter nearly 2,000 cute white-furred baby seals distinguished by their wide dark eyes. The seals spend 90% of their time on the land resting on the beaches along the coastlines, so you will definitely see plenty with ease. These creatures are truly sociable and if you whistle they are likely to follow you. The best time to watch the pups is November. It is also preferable​ not to bother the moms with their pups during the first six weeks after birth as the stressed moms can accidentally injure their pups.

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