Best time to travel to Great Barrier Reef

Dugong in Great Barrier Reef

Most extravagant residents of Austalia's offshore waters that can be spotted all along the Great Barrier Reef

Best time: December–February


Whilst sailing around the island you can be lucky enough to see world's most calm and biggest marine herbivorous mammal. You'll never take them for any other sea animal as the way they look is very specific.

The best place to watch them is Ningaloo, as has got the biggest population of sea cows in the world. Other places where these cute mammals were spotted are Fraser Island and Moreton Bay. However, as they are big seagrass lovers and prefer only the cleanest waters, sometimes you can be disappointed in not seeing any of them.

Practical info

When is the best time of year to see dugongs in the Great Barrier Reef?

Dugongs are most commonly seen during December to February, though sightings are possible year-round, particularly in shallow waters near the coast. Show more

What is the top location in the Great Barrier Reef to view dugongs?

Ningaloo has the largest population of dugongs globally, making it the best spot to see these marine mammals. Other locations include Fraser Island and Moreton Bay, particularly in areas with shallow, clean water and plentiful seagrass. Show more

Which destinations in Australia are known for their dugong populations?

Dugongs can be seen in Shark Bay, the Kimberley region, east coast of Cape York, and the surrounding waters of northern Queensland. These areas are particularly rich with seagrass, a critical component of dugong diets. Show more

What natural and human-made factors impact the number of dugong sightings in the Great Barrier Reef?

Pollution, climate change, and overfishing can all harm dugongs in the Great Barrier Reef. As creatures that require clear waters and seagrass to survive, changes to the environment that impact these habitat elements can decrease the likelihood of sightings. Overfishing also means less food for dugongs and further declines in their populations. Show more

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