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Southern Right Whale Watching in Argentina

Peninsula Valdes is the site of the highest concentration of southern right whales

Best time: June–December

Southern Right Whale Watching
Southern Right Whale Watching
Southern Right Whale Watching

From early June to December, Peninsula Valdes attracts thousands to witness a spectacular natural phenomenon. This peninsula is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, primarily for its unique and rich fauna.

In the Gulf of Nuevo (Golfo Nuevo), separating the peninsula from the mainland of Patagonia to the south, you can find white southern right whales. Other species of marine mammals swim here for reproduction since the water in the bay is warmer and calmer than in the open ocean.

Southern right whales are the most famous local "landmark" whose length can reach 14 meters and can weigh up to 50 tonnes. Puerto Piramides is the only settlement of the Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve. Golfo Nuevo can be explored from Puerto Madryn as well. There are daily whale watching tours. As whales are in the area to breed in June–December, they can be seen very close to the beach or from the boats.

Practical info

When is the peak season to witness Southern Right Whales in Argentina?

From June to December, the Peninsula Valdes is home to a large number of Southern Right whales, attracting many visitors to this place during this period. People can watch whales either from boats or close to the beach, making it an exciting adventure for marine lovers looking for a unique experience. Show more

Which is the ideal location for whale watching in Argentina?

Located in Golfo Nuevo, Peninsula Valdes is widely considered the perfect spot for whale watching in Argentina since the area has a high concentration of Southern Right whales. Tourists can explore the area from either Puerto Piramides or Puerto Madryn, with reliable whale watching tours available daily. Show more

What other sea animals can visitors expect to see at Golfo Nuevo?

Apart from Southern Right whales, tourists can see various other marine creatures in Golfo Nuevo, including sea lions, elephant seals, and Magellanic penguins. These animals are naturally drawn to warmer waters and come to the area for reproduction, making it a great spot for a complete marine-life viewing experience. Show more

What is the size and weight range of Southern Right whales seen in Peninsula Valdes?

Southern Right whales that inhabit Peninsula Valdes can weigh up to 50 tonnes and grow as long as 14 meters. Recognizable through the unique V-shaped 'blowholes' on their heads and large rotund bodies, Southern Right whales are an incredible sight to behold. Show more

What other activities are available for tourists besides whale watching in Peninsula Valdes?

Besides whale watching, Peninsula Valdes is known for its scenic landscapes and unique fauna, attracting people who enjoy hiking or exploring sand dunes. It's also a UNESCO World Heritage site where seabird watching may appeal to bird enthusiasts. Show more

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