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Best time of year to visit Rio de Janeiro

Despite all the madding crowds and high prices during the carnival period, go hit adorable Brazilian beaches from December to March as it is considered the best time to visit Rio de Janeiro. Summer is perfect for swimming and tanning as days are hot. However, due to numerous celebrations from Christmas to Carnival, try to book in advance. Pack an umbrella with you as downpours are frequent. The period of April and May is generous with cheaper accommodation and famous for exotic fruits like cupuaçu, avocado, and jaboticaba. Even though room rates from June to November are significantly higher, winter and spring in Rio are mild and adorable for surfing and sightseeing. And what a terrible mistake not to visit an unforgettable Jardim Botânico in the midst of spring!


Capybara Watching (Breeding Season)

October–November • nature

In Rio, capybaras live in parks so you'll have an opportunity to watch baby capybaras play and socialize right in the middle of the city

Beach Season

November–March • activity

The beaches of Rio are among the most famous in the world and there's a good reason for this


November–February • activity

Carnival street parties are a must-try!


All year • activity

Samba lessons for free at a Lapa street party

Watching the Sunset

November–February • activity

The atmosphere and the magnificent landscape of the city make​ Rio a perfect place to enjoy the sunset


April–October • activity

Conquer the wild winter waves of the Atlantic ocean

Football at Maracanã Stadium

May–December • activity

If football is a religion for Brazilians and Pele is a god, then Maracanã is a temple

Açaí Berry

July–December • food

A local favorite in Rio tastes like chocolate and wild berries

Tijuca Forest

all year round • nature

Discover the wildlife inside the city


November–March • food

A strong drink for a hot summer night

Botanical Garden or Jardim Botânico

September–November • nature

A whole tropical ecosystem in one park


May–November • food

Taste Rio with the traditional nourishing stew of beans with beef or pork

Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird

October–March • nature

Watching colourful Hummingbirds play and try to attract each other will make your day


October–December • activity

Get a different perspective of the city on a kayaking tour

Mango Trees in Bloom

July–October • nature

Huge mango trees are a truly beautiful sight while flowering

Passionfruit or Maracujá

August–December | March–May • food

Try passionfruit and become as passionate as the Brazilians

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

October–April • activity

The best way of traversing calm waters


October–March • food

There are so many ways to eat the delicious apple of the tropics


April–May | October–November • food

A great fruit rich in vitamin C

Guava or Goiaba

late-October–early March • food

The dessert called "Romeo and Juliette" made of guava will help you understand what a perfect combination really means


Rio Carnival

March 01–05, 2019 • event

Carnival is an essential part of life and a deep-rooted tradition in Rio


June–September • activity

Rio with its hills and urban forests is a hiking paradise


May | September • food

Wine can be made not only out of grapes!

Blue Manakin Mating Dance Watching

February–March • nature

Watching one of worlds showiest birds trying to impress females is a lot of fun

New Year's Eve

December 31–January 01 • event

A mysterious celebration with candles, fireworks, and samba

Hang Gliding

December–March, July–August • activity

Enjoy a panoramic view of Rio while flying above it

Festa da Iemanjá

December 29–December 31 • event

The festival of the Goddess of the Sea is a holiday for the Brazilian religion—Umbanda

Futevôlei or Footvolley

December–March • activity

A typical Brazilian game that will keep you having fun on the beach


June–September • activity

A fast and economical way to explore Cidade Maravilhosa—the Marvellous City

Coffee Bean Harvesting

April–September • food

Tasting a cup of fragrant Arabica is a must in Brazil

Festival do Rio

January 01 • event

One of the best film festivals in South America

St. Sebastian's Day

January 20 • event

Rio has its holiday not on the day of foundation, but on the day of the patron—St. Sebastian

Festa Junina

June 13 | June 23 | June 29 • event

Traditional Brazilian parties with local food, games, and dancing


December 24–December 25 • food

A dish originally made by Vikings that became a traditional component of Brazilian Christmas celebrations


January–April • food

A delicious fruit with a creamy pulp

Carnival Street Food

End of February–Beginning of March • food

Brazil is famous for its cuisine just as much as for its football. Carnival street snacks are a great way to get a quick taste

Rock Climbing

June–September • activity

The hills that surround the city offer a wide range of rock climbing routes of varying difficulties


September 13–16, 2018 • event

An international Art Fair you should not miss while visiting Rio

Dia de São Jorge

April 23 • event

Saint George is the second most important saint for Cariocas and his holiday is celebrated with a lot of excitement

Three-Toed Sloth Mating Season

April–June • nature

The usually solitary sloths gather only for mating and this is when they're most active


February–June • food

The super nutritious avocado will not only upgrade any sandwich or salad but is great in desserts too


December 24–December 25 • food

French toast with a Brazilian flair, a 'must have' on any Christmas table

Brazil's Independence Day

September 07 • event

Freedom means a lot to Rio natives and they know how to celebrate it

Christmas Celebrations

December 24–December 25 • event

Years of colonization and thousands of immigrants from around the world make the Christmas traditions in Rio so special