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Capybara Watching (Breeding Season)

October–November • nature

In Rio, capybaras live in parks so you'll have an opportunity to watch baby capybaras play and socialize right in the middle of the city


November–February • activity

Carnival street parties are a must-try!


All year • activity

Samba lessons for free at a Lapa street party

Beach Season

November–March • activity

The beaches of Rio are among the most famous in the world and there's a good reason for this

Watching the Sunset

November–February • activity

The atmosphere and the magnificent landscape of the city make​ Rio a perfect place to enjoy the sunset

Football at Maracanã Stadium

May–December • activity

If football is a religion for Brazilians and Pele is a god, then Maracanã is a temple

Açaí Berry

July–December • food

A local favorite in Rio tastes like chocolate and wild berries

Tijuca Forest

all year round • nature

Discover the wildlife inside the city


November–March • food

A strong drink for a hot summer night


May–November • food

Taste Rio with the traditional nourishing stew of beans with beef or pork

Swallow-Tailed Hummingbird

October–March • nature

Watching colourful Hummingbirds play and try to attract each other will make your day

Botanical Garden or Jardim Botânico

September–November • nature

A whole tropical ecosystem in one park


October–December • activity

Get a different perspective of the city on a kayaking tour

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

October–April • activity

The best way of traversing calm waters

Passionfruit or Maracujá

August–December | March–May • food

Try passionfruit and become as passionate as the Brazilians


October–March • food

There are so many ways to eat the delicious apple of the tropics


April–May | October–November • food

A great fruit rich in vitamin C

Guava or Goiaba

late-October–early March • food

The dessert called "Romeo and Juliette" made of guava will help you understand what a perfect combination really means


Rio Carnival

March 01–05, 2019 • event

Carnival is an essential part of life and a deep-rooted tradition in Rio


June–September • activity

Rio with its hills and urban forests is a hiking paradise


May | September • food

Wine can be made not only out of grapes!


April–October • activity

Conquer the wild winter waves of the Atlantic ocean

Blue Manakin Mating Dance Watching

February–March • nature

Watching one of worlds showiest birds trying to impress females is a lot of fun

Festa da Iemanjá

December 29–December 31 • event

The festival of the Goddess of the Sea is a holiday for the Brazilian religion—Umbanda

New Year's Eve

December 31–January 01 • event

A mysterious celebration with candles, fireworks, and samba

Hang Gliding

December–March, July–August • activity

Enjoy a panoramic view of Rio while flying above it


June–September • activity

A fast and economical way to explore Cidade Maravilhosa—the Marvellous City

Futevôlei or Footvolley

December–March • activity

A typical Brazilian game that will keep you having fun on the beach

Coffee Bean Harvesting

April–September • food

Tasting a cup of fragrant Arabica is a must in Brazil

St. Sebastian's Day

January 20 • event

Rio has its holiday not on the day of foundation, but on the day of the patron—St. Sebastian

Festival do Rio

Invalid date • event

One of the best film festivals in South America

Festa Junina

June 13 | June 23 | June 29 • event

Traditional Brazilian parties with local food, games, and dancing


December 24–December 25 • food

A dish originally made by Vikings that became a traditional component of Brazilian Christmas celebrations

Carnival Street Food

End of February–Beginning of March • food

Brazil is famous for its cuisine just as much as for its football. Carnival street snacks are a great way to get a quick taste


January–April • food

A delicious fruit with a creamy pulp

Rock Climbing

June–September • activity

The hills that surround the city offer a wide range of rock climbing routes of varying difficulties


September 13–16, 2018 • event

An international Art Fair you should not miss while visiting Rio

Mango Trees in Bloom

July–October • nature

Huge mango trees are a truly beautiful sight while flowering

Dia de São Jorge

April 23 • event

Saint George is the second most important saint for Cariocas and his holiday is celebrated with a lot of excitement

Christmas Celebrations

December 24–December 25 • event

Years of colonization and thousands of immigrants from around the world make the Christmas traditions in Rio so special


December 24–December 25 • food

French toast with a Brazilian flair, a 'must have' on any Christmas table

Three-Toed Sloth Mating Season

April–June • nature

The usually solitary sloths gather only for mating and this is when they're most active

Brazil's Independence Day

September 07 • event

Freedom means a lot to Rio natives and they know how to celebrate it


February–June • food

The super nutritious avocado will not only upgrade any sandwich or salad but is great in desserts too