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Guava or Goiaba

The dessert called "Romeo and Juliette" made of guava will help you understand what a perfect combination really means


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Guava is very popular in Brazil and is often used in desserts. Brazil is the largest producer of guavas in the world. The fruit itself is oval, not big, and the colour of the skin might vary from green to yellow or maroon. Even if you can't find fresh guavas, you'll probably find jams, juices, syrups, or pastes made out of guava instead. It's also commonly used to make candies because of the high levels of pectin. The most popular way to eat guava in Brazil is goiabada—guava marmalade. There's a famous combination of goiabada and Minas cheese that is called 'Romeo and Juliet' because of the reddish colour of the goiabada and the white cheese. If you still want to taste fresh fragrant guavas visit Rio from late spr​ing to early autumn.

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