Best season to travel to Madagascar

Breadfruit Season

Breadfruit fries are as tasty as french fries, yet they cost one tenth of potatoes’ price

Best time: February–August

Breadfruit Season

In Malagasy breadfruit is named saonambo or sirapay. It is not too sweet and resembles potatoes due to its starchy flesh. Moreover, breadfruit fries taste like french fries if not better. From the outside the fruit looks like a bright green ball. Mature breadfruit has small drops of latex on its peel. Left on the counter for a day or two a mature breadfruit becomes ripe eventually. Whereas hard mature fruit is usually fried or boiled, ripe one is much softer and is vastly used to cook desserts. Usually breadfruit is eaten as a snack or a side dish. Mashed breadfruit mixed with spices and vegetables is served with rice. The main advantage of this fruit is its reasonable price, which is one tenth of potatoes’ cost.

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