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Introduced during the British colonial times, durian grows only in the southern part of the country

Durian in Sri Lanka 2020 - Best Time

The notorious king of fruit, durian has a distinctively explosive smell that leaves people either loving or hating it. Sri Lanka is not really famous for its durians, since the supply is not that large. However, there are quite a few places in the south of the country to get some good durians. Moreover, the Sri Lankan taste of durian might be a bit different from other regions due to peculiarities of its nature.

Testing durian at a roadside fruit stall 2020
Testing durian at a roadside fruit stall

The Portuguese brought Durian to Sri Lanka in the 16th century from Southeast Asia. The name originates from Malaysian “duri”, which means thorn. The climate of Sri Lanka is not really suitable to grow durian, however it can be easily found at markets of resort towns of the southern coast during the harvest season.

Durian in Sri Lanka - Best Season 2020