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Elephant Gathering in Sri Lanka 2024

Around 300 elephants gather at the banks of Minneriya Lake

Best time: August–September

Elephant Gathering
Elephant Gathering
Elephant Gathering

Every year, August th​rough September, up to 300 Asian elephants gather at the Minneriya Lake. They are not having a party. These guys are looking for food and water, and the Minneriya Lake has the most chances to give them what they search for. It occurs during the dry season. The Lake is man-made, meaning it is a reliable source of water. Thus, they come back every year. Witness the natural phenomenon that opens up the mysteries of these big animals' behavior.

The Elephant Gathering at Minneriya is considered to be the largest grouping of Elephants in Asia.

Practical info

When can the Elephant Gathering in Sri Lanka be seen?

In August and September, visitors can witness the Elephant Gathering in Sri Lanka. During the dry season, elephants travel to Minneriya Lake for various necessities. Because this lake is artificial, there is ample food and water for the animals, which makes it a suitable location for witnessing the most significant elephant gathering in Asia. Show more

At which place can I see elephant gathering in Sri Lanka?

The gathering of elephants is visible at Minneriya Lake in Sri Lanka. It is a time when herds of elephants come to look for food and water, making it the largest gathering of Asian elephants. Besides, visitors who rush to catch the spectacle can visit the nearby Minneriya National Park and enjoy the safari tour of the park, too. Show more

What is the elephant behavior pattern during gathering?

Elephants gather at Minneriya Lake during the Elephant Gathering period in search of food and water. These elephants come from numerous parts of Sri Lanka and remain there for almost a month doing a lot of social and feeding behaviors. Visitors can watch the adult elephants teach the younger elephants knowledge and playing behaviors. Show more

What activities are available in Sri Lanka during August and September?

In Sri Lanka, visitors have various activity options to enjoy, such as discovering ancient temples, nature reserves, and safari tours, and exploring Galle Fort, Yala National Park, and Sigiriya Rock Fortress. Visiting Sri Lanka during this period is an excellent opportunity to watch the Kandy Esala Perahera cultural event. Show more

Is it possible to interact with elephants during the gathering?

To ensure the elephants' and visitors' safety, visitors are not permitted to interact with elephants during the gathering. However, visitors can watch these stunning creatures closely but safely by taking safari tours to observe their natural behavior from a distance while adhering to the rules and regulations that are in place. Show more

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