Best time to visit Taj Mahal and Agra

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Tiger Safari in Ranthambore National Park

October–June  • nature

Don't miss a chance to meet Shere Khan, the king of the Jungle

Gardens of Agra after the Monsoon

October–November • nature

Agra is home to popular gardens including Soami Bagh, Ram Bagh, and Mehtab—each with a story to tell!

Hot Air Ballooning

October–May • activity

Share an unforgettable experience with someone very special while seeing India from an incredible height

Taj Nature Walk Blooming

October–April • nature

Walk across a natural forest and jungle with amazing views of the Taj Mahal

Sunrise and Sunset near Taj Mahal

October–March • nature

Experience the true grandeur of The Taj Mahal, the iconic landmark of India and the Seventh Wonder of the World

Balloon Air Safari

October–March • activity

Flying over Agra will surely make your rendezvous with the holy city unforgettable

Yoga Classes Facing Taj Mahal

October–March • activity

Join these Yoga classes—a perfect way to be healthy, fit, and enjoy the atmosphere of the Taj Mahal!


October–March • activity

Explore all the historical and culturally significant monuments of Agra by pedalling through its streets

Korai Village

October–March • activity

Break away from the popular tourist routes across Agra and try something new examining the unique and yet simple Hindu lifestyle

Visiting Paliwal Park

September–April • nature

A green area sprawling in the heart of Agra with a great variety of trees and a lake

Agra Fort

October–March • event

Discover the heritage of the Mughal Empire and its most amazing monument standing majestically in the territory of this historical city


October–March • nature

Keoladeo National Park and Sarovar Bird Sanctuary are perfect for birdwatchers and other nature lovers

Golf Season

October–March • activity

Do you have a passion for golfing? Check out some of the best golf courses around Agra!


Maha Shivaratri

March 04, 2019 • event

Immerse yourself in Maha Shivaratri—discover overall definition of the Hindu galaxy and honour Lord Shiva with the believers

Ganesh Chaturthi

September 12–23, 2018 • event

May the blessings of Sri Ganesha be upon you all! Immerse yourself into one of the most widely celebrated festivals In India

Diwali, Festival of Lights

November 07–11, 2018 • event

As Christmas to Christians, Diwali is as important to Hindus

Krishna Janmashtami

August 23, 2019 • event

Visit the birthplace of Lord Krishna and discover this ancient Hindu festival

Taj Mahotsav

February 18–February 27 • event

Celebrate the cultural heritage of ancient India, its traditions and customs by visiting one of the most popular festivals of Agra

Holi Festival

March 17–25, 2019 • event

Celebrate Holi, the festival of colors with locals of Agra

Litchi (Lychee)

May–June • food

Discover the unique taste of the juicy Asian 'apple'


September 12–23, 2018 • food

Have a proper taste of Ganesha's favorite special treat

Chambal River Safari

November–March • nature

Discover amazing wildlife and exquisite landscapes, ancient forts and ruins, sacred temples and enthralling mythology at the renowned National Chambal Sanctuary