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Jan05 - Jan15:JANUARY 05 - JANUARY 15:


Spice Plantations

September–June • activity

Don't miss your chance to smell the variety of spices and see how they are grown

Anjuna Flea Market

October–March (Wednesdays) • activity

Your Indian adventure can't be complete without a visit to a flea market

Turtle Nesting Season

November–April • nature

Witness sea turtles laying eggs and little hatchlings heading to the sea

Goa Tattoo Festival

January 12–14, 2018 • event

If you are an ink lover and fascinated with tatto art, don't miss this event

Crocodile Watching

October–May • nature

Overcome your childhood fears and check out these giant reptiles up close


October–May  • activity

A perfect way to relax, unite with nature, and observe the wildlife of Goa

Beach Season

November–March • activity

Enjoy your vacation on the most beautiful beaches of the world

Saturday Night Market in Arpora

December–April • activity

Have fun while night shopping for souvenirs


October–May  • activity

A perfect way to enjoy the beauty of the blue waters of Goa and its amazing marine life

Buddha's Hand Fruit

November–January • food

This extraordinarily shaped fruit can be found only in lower Himalayas, so don't miss your chance to try it


October–April  • activity

If you are looking for a perfect day trip, both silent and relaxing, sailing may be an excellent experience for you!


October–May • activity

If you are an enthusiastic fisherman, you'll find a number of great spots and be able to try several different ways of fishing

Surfing, Kitesurfing, and Windsurfing

January–May • activity

Add some more excitement to your vacation, surfing ocean waves

Dolphin Watching

October–May • nature

Enrich your trip to Goa with an amazing dolphin adventure!


January • food

Visit Goa during the wine season and taste some great homemade varieties

Silent Noise Party

November–April (Saturdays) • event

Silent Noise Saturday attracts party goers to Palolem beach

Crab Catching

October–March • activity

Try crab trapping the ancient Goan way for an unforgettable experience


October–May • nature

Be amazed by the diversity and beauty of the world of birds


January–February • activity

Bored with idyllic beaches? Fill up your vacation with something a bit more extreme!


December–March • food

Guava in India is often eaten with cheese or ham



March 02, 2018 • event

Colour, colour everywhere. If your life is feeling grey and you are looking for something new and a bit more color check out Goa's Holi Festival


March 24–April 07, 2017 • event

Become a part of this major Hindu festival in Goa


all year round • activity

Seeking serenity and spiritual renewal? India is the perfect place for yoga!


March–June | October–November • activity

Remember dreaming of flying high like a free bird in the sky? Well, India is calling!

Sao Joao Festival

June 24 • event

A Christian holiday celebrated with lots of joy and fun in a very special Goan style

Maha Shivaratri

February 13, 2018 • event

Immerse yourself in Maha Shivaratri—discover overall definition of the Hindu galaxy and honour Lord Shiva with the believers


May–September • food

The strange appearance of this fruit doesn't affect its wonderful taste


June–July • food

This tasty fruit is very nutricious and healthy


March–May • food

This fruit can be grown exclusively in the territory of Goa

Christmas Treats

December 25–26 • food

If you visit Goa during Christmas time, it is a must to try special local sweets and enjoy some new flavours


September 12–23, 2018 • food

Have a proper taste of Ganesha's favorite special treat

Goa Carnival

February 10–13, 2018 • event

Experience this fascinating and colorful event in Goa

Ganesh Chaturthi

September 13, 2018 • event

One of the most important Hindu festivals welcomes everyone to join its colourful celebration

Waterfalls at Peak Flow

mid-June–September • nature

An adventurous journey through lush green jungles and up hills—all for the gorgeous views!

Cashew Season

mid-March–mid-June • food

Try these delicious nuts and even special local drinks made with them

Litchi (Lychee)

May–June • food

Discover the unique taste of the juicy Asian 'apple'

Mango Season

February–August • food

The king of fruit is in a season. Don't miss your chance to try it fresh and juicy


July–September • activity

Find a bit of excitment on a river adventure

Water Rose Apple

May–July | November–December  • food

Try these charming apples with a gentle scent and watery taste during the hot summer months.