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Guava in India is often eaten with cheese or ham


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Guava is an exotic fruit that has a long history in India. It has a very strong smell, but the taste is sweet and sour. Guava is rich in vitamins A and C, also it is also a source of iron and calcium.

Guava has green or yellow skin and is rather pink or white inside. In northern India, the main harvest comes in mid-winter and the fruits are of the best quality in this period. A second harvest usually comes in the rainy season, but the fruits' quality is not as good and the prices are higher. Some growers even withhold irrigation after December and January or root-prune the trees to avoid the second crop. On average, one tree gives about 450 fruits in the main season. In Goa Guava is popular in many different ways, some of the best are guava with cheese, guava jam, sorbets, syrups, jellies, pickled, dried, or frozen.