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Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

This watery and moderately sweet fruit is refreshing by itself and is a great ingredient for desserts

Best time: May–June

Dragon Fruit or Pitaya
Dragon Fruit or Pitaya

Dragon fruit starts flowering in the beginning of summer, usually in June, and develops fruits shortly afterwards. Its flowers live for just one evening. In Mexico, the dragon fruit or pitaya harvest occurs between May and June and lasts for six weeks. It’s grown mainly in the highlands in the state of Jalisco, near its capital city of Guadalajara. One may find the fruit in local markets, or simply in the streets.

Judging by the skin colour and the name, dragon fruit may seem to have a strikingly piquant flavour, however, it's actually the opposite. The pulp is quite watery, yet neither acidic nor too sweet. It tastes like a watermelon closer to the rind. Some people eat it adding a little sugar or condensed milk to make it sweeter. However, there are different varieties—some more, and some less sweet. If you get a sweeter one, the best way is to cut it in two halves, and just eat it as it is. Whereas, less sweet pitayas are often used to make a range of desserts. It may be mixed with milk, yoghurt, ice cream, or blended with other fruit and berries in season.

Dragon fruit tastes great with coconut milk and orange juice, and when frozen resembles a kind of sorbet. Besides sweets, it’s also added to some salty meals, like chicken, for example, but it’s not really common.

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