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Cockfighting 2023-2024

When a pair of Mexican roosters are released to the rink, only one will survive and another one will drown in his own blood

Dates: November–June


In Mexico, cockfighting became a traditional form of entertainment around a hundred years ago. Since then local farmers have been breeding and training the birds on purpose to turn them into professional gamecocks. They literally fight to the death. The combat usually continues for a minute or two, and suddenly it's over with one of the cocks lying dead in the pool of his own blood.

Recently launched campaigns against animal cruelty led to the prohibition of cockfighting in a number of Mexican states. Yet in some of them, in particular, in Ixmiquilpan city, the sports remains legal. In fact, Ixmiquilpan might soon become world's last place to witness bloody cockfights. Spectators usually bet on the winner to be, which increases the overall excitement at the event. The season for cockfighting runs from November to June.

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