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Falconry in Dubai

The elite sport that is both traditional and exciting

Best time: mid-November–mid-February


Impressive birds rush through the sky chasing their game and showing great speed and precision. This popular sport has traditional roots. Falcons were used by desert nomads for hunting. But now it's a royal hobby and a spectacular show.

If you want to see falconry at its best visit annual Fazza Championships. These competitions attract best falconers from the world and region. Equipped with the best technology and held in the middle of desert in Ruwayyah, the championship is a treat for both falconers and enthusiasts.

Practical info

What is the historical significance of the sport of falconry in Dubai?

Falconry has a long-standing history in Dubai and forms a significant part of Emirati culture and heritage. The region's Bedouins and nomads have been practicing falconry for many centuries, primarily as a means of acquiring food. Despite evolving into a more recreational and competitive sport, falconry still holds an important cultural and historical place in Emirati society. Show more

When are the best months to visit Dubai for falconry?

The cooler weather months from November to February offer the best conditions for falconry activities and events in Dubai. This time of year provides the optimal climate for hosting international events such as the annual Fazza Championship, which attracts top falconers from all over the world and the region. This period also allows visitors to experience traditional and modern falconry practices in a comfortable climate. Show more

Which event in Dubai features the best falconry competitions?

The Fazza Championship held every year in Ruwayyah offers some of the best Falconry competitions in Dubai. The event organized in the middle of the desert draws the most skilled falconers from all over the world and the region, providing a perfect opportunity for falconers, enthusiasts, and the general public to witness the best falconry practices and spectacles. The event exhibits not only the sport's heritage but also the most advanced technologies in falconry practice. Show more

What cultural significance does the sport of falconry hold in the Dubai community?

Falconry is a significant cultural symbol and was once a vital source of food for the Bedouins and nomads in Dubai. Over time it evolved as a cultural and historical tradition, and its importance continues today as a strong representation of Emirati heritage, power, and strength. The sport has become an essential part of Dubai's identity, both as a community tradition and a popular tourist attraction. Show more

How has the impact of modern technology influenced the sport of falconry in Dubai?

Modern technology has contributed to the evolution of the sport of falconry over the last few years in Dubai. Falcons training, prey detection, and bird tracking are now more accessible with the use of GPS tracking, drones, and other contemporary devices. At the annual Fazza Championship, attendees can witness the very latest innovations in falconry technology, resulting in enhanced safety, precision, and efficiency for falconer and bird alike. Show more

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