Best time to visit Chile


Tickets are sold out long beforehand for the matches of the famed Chilean "big three"

Football in Chile 2020 - Best Time
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Latin American football is popular throughout the world and has fans everywhere on Earth. Chilean footballers are serious competitors for other leading countries like England, Spain, or Italy. The football season in Chile runs from February through December and features three leagues including Premier League known as Campeonato​, also Primera B, and Second Division, or Segunda Division in Spanish. 18 teams play in Premier League, and six of them are from the capital city of Santiago. 3 of them are renowned as "the big three" owing to their high​ popularity which draws immense crowds of fans. This fantastic three includes Colo-Colo, La "U" representing Universidad de Chile, and La Catolica again from the Universidad Catolica. Similar to Europe, Latin America has their own "Champions League"—it is called la Copa Libertadores.

Football in Chile - Best Season 2020