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If you still mock people speaking about aliens, unknown flying objects in the Chilean sky may change your sarcastic attitude


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Over the last few decades, more and more people happen to witness something inexplicable in the Chilean sky, particularly above the Andes Mountains—and these are neither weather phenomenon nor some military aviation, but literally unknown flying objects. The reports say nothing about seeing aliens themselves, only strange silver-coloured flat discs, and someone spotted a flying object in a form similar to a large fish with antennae. Such weird activity led to the creation of the UFO research organization in Chile supported by the government. There are not many organizations of that kind in the world. Besides, numerous UFO displays resulted in the opening of the special UFO trail across the Andes Mountains, and the district of ​San Jose de Maipo located near the capital city of Santiago was officially declared a UFO tourism zone with the intention to build a few observatories. Curious about the best time to observe the phenomenon? It 's hard to tell, as the​ witnesses have not spoken to the aliens so far and have not negotiated their next visit. Most of the reported UFO sightings occurred in the months between December and April, probably due to the more clear skies.

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