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Skookumchuck Narrows

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The Skookumchuck rapids turn the Skookumchuck Narrows Park into the most appealing part of the Sunshine Coast. Twice a day, an incredible torrent of water pours through the narrows between the Jervis Inlet and Georgia Strait as the tide changes. The difference in water levels from one side of the rapids to the other can sometimes exceed two meters in height. Moving at speeds of more than 30km/hr, the rapids are famous for their fantastic whirlpools and whitewater. The tide patterns keep the water moving at all times in the narrows area, something that also attracts exciting sea life.

You can visit the rapids on an easy and popular 4km hike along a well-developed trail, which takes only one hour to walk. When you reach the narrows, you can choose the North Point or Roland Point as viewing locations. If you’re in search of big waves, the “Flood Tide” can be observed from the Roland Point viewing area. From the North Point viewing area, you can see the tidal pool and whirlpool activity during the “Ebb Tide.” In order to see these currents, you need to have the correct timing of the tides, although there are ony half-hour windows of the “Best Viewing” times, but seeing it in person is absolutely stunning, in any season.

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