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Blue Hours in Sweden

Your next favourite hours! This magical occurance is unique for Nordic countries

Best time: December | June

Blue Hours
Blue Hours
Blue Hours
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​Blue hours occur almost everywhere around the world and signify the period of half twilight, the moment between day and night when the air becomes so intense with colour that it seems blue. However, Nordic countries boas​t the bluest Twilight in the world! With snow reflecting the blue and water sparkles, these minutes of colour are more than spectacular.

Practical info

When can one experience the phenomenon of blue hours in Sweden?

In Sweden, one can experience blue hours during the winter months of December-January and the summer months of June-July when the sun does not set completely. The light reflecting off the snow and water during this time of year creates a unique phenomenon that is typical of Nordic countries. Other than blue hours, these months also provide a chance to witness the enchanting northern lights. Show more

Which region in Sweden is ideal for experiencing intense blue hours?

Northern Sweden, including the Lapland and Swedish Lapland regions, is where one can witness intense blue hours that are highly captivating. The clear skies with little light pollution and the reflection off the snowy landscape make for a magical experience. To witness the best of blue hours, visitors can head to Kiruna, the northernmost town in Sweden. Show more

What is distinct about Sweden's blue hours compared to other places?

Sweden's blue hours are unique due to their high latitude. During these hours, the sun remains below the horizon and illuminates the sky at an angle, resulting in a stunning mix of colours that lasts for hours. The reflection of light on the snow adds to the intensity of the phenomenon, making it even more remarkable and surreal. Show more

What activities can one indulge in during Sweden's blue hours?

Visitors can enjoy various activities in Sweden during blue hours that offer a unique experience. Winter activities include sledging, cross-country skiing, hiking, and snowmobiling, while summer activities like horseback riding, hiking, and boat rides provide scenic views. Visitors must not miss the experience of saunas during blue hours, which is simply unforgettable. Show more

Which accommodations in Sweden offer views of blue hours?

Sweden has several unique accommodations that offer amazing views of blue hours. ICEHOTEL Jukkasjarvi, located in Northern Sweden, is one such place where guests can stay in intricately designed suites made of ice, presenting ideal photo opportunities during blue hours. Other accommodations include Treehotel, Arctica and Sorbyn Lodge, among others in the region which offer a magic location to witness blue hours phenomena. Show more

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