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Gotland Pelt Sheep in Sweden 2024

Gotland is so proud of their sheep that it is featured on the flag! Moreover, these sheep​ are unique and insanely cute

Best time: April–August

Gotland Pelt Sheep
Gotland Pelt Sheep
Gotland Pelt Sheep
Gotland Pelt Sheep

Sheep sheep sheep! Gotland sheep are the cutest species of sheep which are also unique to the area. They wander around the islands of Fårö and Karlsö next to Gotland and invite tourists to admire them. The flocks can reach up to 600 ewes! The best time to come is definitely when the ​lambing season is on and sheep go for a walk with their little babies. Cuteness overdose promised!

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Gotland to see the Pelt Sheep?

To catch a glimpse of Pelt Sheep wandering with their newborns, visit Gotland during lambing season which lasts from April to August every year. However, the exact duration may vary, dependent on several factors such as weather changes and more. Tourists are encouraged to check local conditions before planning a trip to the region. Show more

Where can I find Pelt Sheep on Gotland?

Venture over to islands like Fårö and Karlsö to see Pelt Sheep. Access to these isles is straightforward via local ferry services. A magnificent sight, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the sheep actively grazing on green pastures while freely roaming around. For a structured experience, tourists can opt for guided tours organized by eco-tourism companies. Show more

What makes Gotland Pelt Sheep unique?

The gray fleece of native Gotland Pelt Sheep has been an excellent material for textile and clothing manufacturing for centuries. Gotland Pelt Sheep are friendly and compassionate creatures known for their hardiness and adaptability, making them best suited for sustainable agriculture and eco-tourism. The cuddly animals also feature in pet therapy programs. Show more

What is the average size of a Pelt Sheep flock on Gotland?

The size of Pelt Sheep flock on Gotland can sometimes exceed 600 ewes with the creche commonly managed by local farmers practicing traditional agricultural processes and grazing methods. The toughness of the sheep ensures they achieve optimum thriving status in challenging environments. Hatcheries breed Pelt Sheep for meat due to their unique flavor and texture highly sought after by gourmets and local chefs. Show more

Can I pet or interact with the Pelt Sheep on Gotland?

Tourists can interact with Pelt Sheep on Gotland, but it is important to respect the sheep and their natural behavior. It would be best if you avoided disrupting their grazing, feeding them human food, or interrupting their mating patterns. Some eco-tourism companies organize guided tours where you can interact with the Pelt Sheep and learn about their culture and history. Compliant visitor behavior and safety measures established by guides or local authorities must be exercised. Show more

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