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Lambing Season in Ireland

Head to Ireland for the cutest experience of seeing woolly sheep babies

Best time: February–April

Lambing Season
Lambing Season
Lambing Season
Lambing Season

Visit Ireland in one of the most adorable periods of the year—the lambing season. With vast pasturages and favorable climate conditions, ​Ireland boasts one of Europe's largest number of sheep flocks that is above four million. Tourists who were lucky to travel the country at this time say that the animals can be spotted practically on every field in Ireland. This creates the overall atmosphere of cuteness and friendliness.

One of the best ways to experience the Irish lambing season is by going on a sheep tour in spring. Farm tours depart from Dublin and can take tourists to the Cooley Peninsula, County Louth, and Carrickmacross in County Monaghan, as well as other countryside areas.

Practical info

When does lambing season take place in Ireland?

Ireland's lambing season often runs from the month of February to April. During this period, many regions within the country, specifically in rural areas, exhibit an abundance of sheep flocks, with many newborn lambs being particularly adorable. It presents a significant phase in Irish agriculture, which stimulates a high level of activity on many farms, inspiring a unique atmosphere pervading the country's surroundings. Show more

What are some destinations to observe sheep flocks in Ireland during lambing season?

Ireland is generally known for its flocks of sheep, with a high concentration of sheep farms in various areas. For instance, there are organized sheep tours from Dublin to the likes of Carrickmacross in County Monaghan or County Louth's Cooley Peninsula. Alternatively, regions such as West Cork, Connemara, or County Kerry have considerable populations of sheep. Many agricultural centers and sheep farms offer guided tours. Visitors can also enjoy farm-to-table dining, observe sheepdogs at work or engage in other related activities. Show more

What is the number of sheep flocks in Ireland?

With a population of roughly four million sheep, Ireland is home to one of the highest concentrations of sheep in Europe. The numerous flocks of sheep contribute immensely to the rural surroundings' picturesque and woolly scenery during lambing season. The farming of lamb is essential to the country's economy, with lamb meat featuring widely in several traditional Irish dishes. Show more

What are some alternative farm tours I can take instead of sheep tours during the lambing season?

Tourists who dislike sheep tours can still experience other fun farm tours during lambing season. There are guided tours for beef or dairy farms, which may include visits to fruit orchards or seafood farms. Experimental tours allow visitors to milk cows, learn how to make cheese, and even brew their beer. These thrilling tours offer one-of-a-kind chances to learn about Ireland's agricultural heritage and witness the rural lifestyle while showcasing the environmental culture of the country. Show more

Is the lambing season in Ireland worth visiting for?

For farm life and animal enthusiasts, the lambing season is an excellent time to tour Ireland. Lambing season avails visitors the chance to engage with sheep flocks amid a picturesque and serene countryside steeped in Irish culture. Ireland's ambient temperature, coupled with wide-open spaces, provides an amiable environment for rearing healthy and fluffy lambs. Tourists can opt for different farm tours to experience Irish farm life and participate in various agricultural activities, all stimulating an authentic Irish experience. Show more

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