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Lambing in Wales

Join the farmers and find out just how busy lambing season can be

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Wales is a residence to 11 million sheep, meaning that agriculture is one of the countries main industries. Lambing, in particular, is a crucial part of the farming calendar for Welsh farmers. Lambs are born at different times of the year in the UK. So, in Wales, the lambing season starts in April. Once the farmer makes sure that lambs are feeding well, they are let out into the field where the ewes can graze on the spring grass. This time of the year is the busiest as tending to the ewes, and their young can be quite tedious! Some Welsh farms offer lambing work experience.

You can have the opportunity to walk around the lambs, feed them, and even watch them be birthed and see the newborns make their first steps!

While visiting Foel Farm in Anglesey, you have a chance to experience sounds, sights, and smell of working farm reality. Apart from feeding the lambs, you also can ride the tractor and meet the rest of the farm residents.

Good Day Out in Brecon is a place where you can experience a ‘no holds barred’ day in the life of an organic sheep farmer at lambing time. In terms of the activities during the day, people can partake in feeding the funny little creatures.

Apart from unforgettable views, Children's Farm Park at the core of the Snowdonia National Park offers a pack of farm activities for the whole family, including bottle-feeding calves and the lambs. There are also ducks, pigs, donkeys, and more animals to meet.

Cwmcrwth Farm in Llandeilo offers bottle-feeding activities as well during fixed hours.

Practical info

When does lambing season start in Wales?

Lambing season in Wales begins in April and is the time of the year when ewes give birth to their lambs. Once the lambs are deemed healthy, they are let out to graze on spring grass. The process can be quite tedious for farmers who have to tend to the ewes and their young. Show more

What activities are available during lambing season in Wales?

During lambing season in Wales, there are various activities for visitors to enjoy. Welsh farms like Foel Farm and Good Day Out offer lambing work experiences, while Cwmcrwth Farm even offers bottle-feeding activities during certain hours. Visitors could walk around and watch lambs being birthed, feed them, and see the newborns take their first steps. Show more

Where can I experience lambing work experience in Wales and what does it include?

For anyone interested in lambing work experience, Foel Farm, Good Day Out, and Cwmcrwth Farm are some Welsh farms that offer activities for visitors. Activities generally include bottle-feeding lambs, visiting the newborns and watching them be birthed, and walking around the lambs. Cwmcrwth Farm in Llandeilo differs by offering bottle-feeding activities for calves and lambs during specific hours. Show more

Are there other farm animals at Children's Farm Park besides lambs?

Children's Farm Park located in the Snowdonia National Park offers various activities for the whole family, such as bottle-feeding calves and lambs. Besides lambs, children can also meet pigs, ducks, donkeys, and other farm animals, making it an excellent place to visit for anyone vacationing in the area. Show more

How long does the bottle-feeding activity last at Cwmcrwth Farm, and are there any restrictions?

At Cwmcrwth Farm in Llandeilo, visitors can bottle-feed calves and lambs through a teat on a bottle. The farm offers this activity for three hours during fixed hours with no particular restrictions. Visitors should note that other activities may be available, and they should check for updates and schedules before visiting the farm. Show more

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