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The Big Cheese Festival 2023

Take a break in one of Europe's largest castles to enjoy the medieval traditions of Wales

Dates: late July 2023 (unconfirmed)

The Big Cheese Festival

This "must see" festival takes place in one of Europe's largest Castles in the town of Caerphilly. Every summer it presents a spectacular reenactment of old Wales with its customs and traditions. This is a "carnival" of street entertainers, folk singers and dancers, falconry masters, fire-eaters, minstrels, and troubadours. The main focus is on the history of Caerphilly. The fresh food and drinks, music, entertainment, and funfair last for three days and nights.

Cheese-lovers will enjoy the delicious cheese, Caerphilly is famous for. But the three-day festivities in historical 13th century castle are not only about the cheese. Highlights include folk music from the best Welsh bands, colorful re-enactments of battles from the Roman and Medieval eras and living historical encampments.

The Great Cheese Race is one of the main attractions of the festival. It usually starts in the afternoon on Friday. Dozens of participants race each other while carrying a truckle of Caerphilly cheese. The race ends with live music and festivities that conclude after a spectacular fireworks display.

Caerphilly’s Big Cheese Festival attracts about 80,000 visitors every year and is free for the public. The festivities usually start on Friday, around 3 p.m. and last until 10 p.m. On the next day it resumes at 11 a.m. and lasts through Sunday afternoon.

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